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    Mrs Eaves returns, scrubs up jolly well
    Wednesday, March 25, 2009
    Zuzana Licko’s latest is a reinterpretation of her 1996 release, Mrs Eaves, itself a revival of Baskerville. Mrs Eaves XL comes with a larger x-height and tighter spacing for a more economical version, making it a prime candidate for longer settings. It can’t hurt that the XL version comes in a stack of weights and styles wrapped up in OpenType goodness either, of course.

    More importantly though, the letterforms are crisper and more consistent than the original Mrs Eaves, losing some of the quirkiness in the process of course, but ultimately making for a more usable typographic workhorse. Once a retro-classical funky face, we now have a new crystal goblet to drink from. Welcome home, Mrs Eaves XL.

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