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    The Hand Is Mightier Than the Font
    Friday, August 24, 2007
    Steven Heller interviews Bernard Maisner over on the AIGA website, in which Maisner says:

    "Calligraphy is here to stay in the same way that some people know Latin, that there are 'colonial villages,' that some people play LPs on 'record players,' that some artists paint using glazes in the manner that Hans Holbein did, and how some photographers still use emulsion film in their cameras. Hand lettering is a little more alive in that it is more flexible and more easily interpretable in a modern way than the traditional styles of calligraphy."

    Go feast your eyes and feed your brain. It will round off your week quite nicely, thank you.
    Thanks, Aegir

    Ascender sells you stuff Microsoft used to give you for free
    Tuesday, August 14, 2007
    Remember those Microsoft Core Web fonts? That nice little collection you could download for free over at MS Typo? Remember how Microsoft decided to stop that quietly a couple of years back? Guess what? Now, you lucky Linux and other operating system users can pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get them again! I'm so happy I could poo! Thank you Ascender Corp, you are our friend, and we don't think you're completely taking advantage, using phrases in your press release such as "Ascender is proud to offer such an important set of fonts to end users [...] as they enable the best web browsing experience." As if somehow you are being a loving typographic facsimile of a Werthers Originals grandpa handing out candy to blond haired perfect children, when all you're really doing is protecting shareholder value in a cynical move that shows once more the difference between my side of the Atlantic, and yours: goodwill.
    Thanks to Michael Oswell for noticing the typo

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007
    Sometimes things just cheer you up. Nice.
    Source: type4screen

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