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    Love, romance, and a little controversy?
    Saturday, April 04, 2009
    Controversy looks like it may be about to erupt elsewhere in the online type community, so how about a sing-song...
    There may be trouble ahead,
    But while there’s moonlight and music,
    And love and romance,
    Let’s face the music and dance.

    Before the peddlers have fled
    Before they ask us to pay the bill,
    And while we still have a chance,
    Let’s face the music and dance.

    Soon, we’ll be without the moon,
    Humming a different tune and then,
    There may be teardrops to shed,
    But while there’s moonlight, and music,
    And love and romance,
    Let’s face the music and dance, dance!
    Let’s face the music and dance!

    I’m not going to comment on intellectual property or derivative works on this story at all – other than, perhaps, to say that pretty much the entire canon of type is derivative to some extent. I will say that I think that type purchasers need to look carefully at a typeface design, the quality of construction and the design choices and references before purchase, to ensure that the price they pay is appropriate.
    Lyrics by Irving Berlin

    Copyright ©1999-2009 David John Earls and Yves Peters, with all rights reserved.