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    Now is the time for all foundries to stand together, to produce dingbats for our new age, for the good of all designers across this great globe.
    Monday, April 06, 2009
    Earlier this month, sat in Quark Xpress, amending a teenage pregnancy directory for a London borough, I noticed the person who set up the original had used envelopes for email address signifiers. Hmmm, I guess it is better than an ampersat, right? So when I found out about this new set from FontFont, complete with email symbols instead of envelopes, ipods and USB memory sticks instead of floppy disks, iPhones, QWERTY Blackberries, mobile phones and DECT cordless phones instead of rotary landlines and fax machines, along with laptops, Wii-motes, compact fluorescents and naked men (oh, and OpenType-based layering for colour effects to make said naked men pink) the link got send straight to the studio manager.* I hope she takes the hint.
    *: Bit of a long sentence, that.

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